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Tim Vickery

Tim Vickery is a highly respected freelance football writer who covers the South American game for several large news media, as well as being an analyst for SporTV. We are big fans of some of the work he has done for GodsofOdds and Sportindepth. He has lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for over 20 years.

Twitter: @Tim_Vickery

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Articles by Tim Vickery

Marcelo Bielsa

Upcoming Premier League season could test Leeds United's faith in Marcelo Bielsa

Nearly 20 years ago, when Marcelo Bielsa was coach of Argentina, he went along to a testimonial match for Diego Maradona at the stadium of Boca Junior...

Lionel Messi

Why Lionel Messi should prioritise the 2020 Copa America over this summer's edition

After taking Barcelona to the domestic title, the time has come for Lionel Messi to focus on the bigger prize – the Champions League, which has ...

Luis Suarez

Uruguayan football crisis has come at exactly the wrong time

Between 1994 and 2006, Uruguay missed out on three World Cups in four. They did qualify for 2002 – but failed to make it out of the group phase....

Lionel Messi

As Messi takes a break from international football, what now for Argentina?

One man could be forgiven for being happy that Lionel Messi is taking a break from international football. For the Argentine FA, it is bad news. This...


Will Colombia be the ninth nation to win the World Cup?

Uruguay were the first winners of the World Cup in 1930, and lifted the trophy once more twenty years later. Argentina also have two titles to their n...


Aguero isn't as talented as Romario, but he performs on a more consistent basis

In eight years of regular appearances on Brazilian TV, nothing has ever drawn a response as negative as daring to compare Sergio Aguero with Romario. ...