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Tim Vickery

Tim Vickery is a freelance football writer who covers the South American game for the BBC, World Soccer and ESPN, as well as being an analyst for SporTV. He has lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for over 20 years.

Twitter: @Tim_Vickery

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Articles by Tim Vickery


Why was Jo, recently named Player of the Year in Brazil, a flop in the Premier League?

The current cold snap should surely make it more understandable that a Brazilian striker once made a one-man bid to introduce the idea of a winter bre...


Not quite a group of death, but Argentina have cause for concern after World Cup draw

The very concept of a World Cup ‘group of death’ is probably antiquated. Recent trends have widened gaps between club sides – and c...


Logistics and location will play a big part at the World Cup in Russia

Germany’s triumph in Brazil 2014 stands as one of the all time great World Cup wins. They were obliged to do it the hard way. No European side had ...

Joe Gomez

Joe Gomez's acceleration to the national team shows England have gone South American

Joe Gomez was named Man of the Match for the way he handled Neymar in England’s goalless draw at home to Brazil last Tuesday. But it wasn’...

Lionel Messi

Despite qualification struggles, there are signs of encouragement for Argentina

Qualification for the World Cup is one thing. The tournament is another. Brazil in 2002 give the best example. Their qualification campaign was a pro...


Why Tottenham's victory over Real Madrid is a worry for Brazil

Initially a desperate struggle, Brazil’s World Cup qualification campaign turned into a gentle stroll as soon as Tite replaced Dunga as coach. ...