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We offer a comprehensive product enabling punters to build up the necessary skill set to get an edge over the bookmakers.
We do not have any quick fixes or easy solutions. The starting point is to realize that you need to see betting as investing instead of a hobby or a fun game. If you are already a winning punter, you should enjoy the free tips, quality previews, tools and blog sections.
Furthermore you would be in a good position to make some money in our competition section. Join us today and enjoy the best sports betting tips and tools online.

Take your betting to the next level with Investobet.

Sport Match Pick Odds Stake User Bookmaker
Soccer icon

2017-04-23 10:00

Real Sociedad vs Deportivo La Coruna

Spain - La Liga


Real Sociedad


1.700 1/10 WhoisJohnGalt +10%
Soccer icon

2017-04-22 13:30

Hamburger SV vs SV Darmstadt 98

Germany - Bundesliga


Hamburger SV


1.444 2/10 Maximus Decimus Meridius +42%
Soccer icon

2017-04-22 13:30

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Augsburg

Germany - Bundesliga


Eintracht Frankfurt


1.800 1/10 WhoisJohnGalt +10%
Soccer icon

2017-04-21 19:00

Sevilla vs Granada CF

Spain - La Liga




1.222 1/10 Maximus Decimus Meridius +42%
Beach Volleyball icon

2017-04-21 08:00

Li Z./Zhou C. (CHN) vs Beeler N./Krattiger M. (SUI)

FIVB Xiamen Open - Men


Li Z./Zhou C. (CHN)


3.260 1/10 Nana_Spike +9%

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Sports Betting Tips

For the benefit of the Investobet community and to guarantee that we will have a steady flow of quality tips, we have hired a selection of top notch Pro Tipsters. The Pro Tipsters all have proven track records as winning punters and are paid a monthly salary as content providers by Investobet. These professional tipsters will provide you with unrivalled value bets. Their tips will cover a variety of sports and bookmakers. As a member of the Investobet community you will receive the tips completely free of charge. We can assure you of the veracity of the tips made by our pro tipsters as these tips will be verified by the Investobet team.

Several tip selling websites employ the policy of deleting the track records of discontinued tipster profiles. As the discontinued tipsters tend to be unsuccessful, this creates a “survivorship bias” and makes the tipsters on offer seem a lot more attractive than they would if all the discontinued tipsters’ histories were displayed. At Investobet we will display all the betting histories of the pro tipsters, even if they have been discontinued. This is to ensure that you will be in a good position to evaluate the overall quality of our pro tipsters.

A common practice employed by tip selling websites, is to hire new tipsters who have “proven” their abilities by building betting histories placing tips in the tip selling websites “Tipster Academy”. However this creates a creation bias, as some of the tipsters will have produced their good numbers not as a result of skill, but rather luck. As the element of skill involved in the good results they produced while in the tipster academies was prevalent, regression to the mean will over time make sure that these tipsters will fail to deliver similar results when the end users are paying for their tips. Investobet avoids this creation bias by only inviting tipsters we are confident will be able to deliver good long term results and we focus both on the process the tipsters apply and their results. A tipster with impressive results will have no chance of getting hired by Investobet unless we have understood the process he applies when finding his bets. We do not only have to understand the process, we also need to be convinced that it will work going forward.

You can safely follow our Pro Tipsters while knowing that the typical survivorship bias and creation bias associated with the tip selling industry has not inflated our numbers in any way, shape or form.

Football Betting Tips

Football is the biggest global sports. The same holds true when it comes to betting. Football dwarfs all other sports if measured by betting turnover in the European market. Investobet offers tips from professional tipsters free of charge for our community. Focusing mainly on the larger domestic leagues, like the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1, our professional tipsters will assess the matchups and odds carefully to provide you with the best value bets. It does not take many placed bets to move the odds a lot for an over/under corner bet in the Slovak Super League. It is a different story for a 1x2 bet in one of Europe’s most turnover intensive leagues.  As the prices are a lot more resilient to fluctuations for the main leagues and markets, this is the area of focus for our football tipsters.

Free Football Tips

There are many services that charge as much as 100 pounds per month to provide you with football betting tips. The football tips given to you by our experts are COMPLETELY FREE and you will find plenty of winning tips every week on our website. We will guide you to the most exciting leagues and matches and find the best odds on the best bets through our free football tips. Our tipsters are among the very best in the game and they will provide you with tips to help you on the way towards making your online sports betting profitable. Sign up today and take advantage of all the free perks on Investobet!

Football Match Previews

Are you unsure whether the away team has got a good track record away from home or do the home team have their captain back from injury? In our football match previews, our impressive team of football analysts gets the facts straight and will put you in a good position for placing the right bets. Follow our football match previews and our free football tips in order to find the best odds and bets at your online bookmakers. Several of our previews are written by professional tipsters. Reading these offers the possibility to get a peek inside the head of a pro punter. The other previews are written by knowledgeable sports journalists. Our ambition is to give you all the details needed for you to gain that extra edge and advantage in order to become a winning and profitable punter. Read all you need to know and much more in our football match previews published on the website. If you do your homework, just like Investobet’s experts there is nothing that should stop you from becoming a winning player.

Betting Tools

Our tools section will provide you with a selection of useful tools for your betting life. Use our System Calculator to precisely calculate your potential winnings quickly and easily. Which odds format you use probably depends on which part of the world you live in. Our Odds Converter will help you convert odds between the most used odds formats. Sound risk management is of the utmost importance. Unless you adopt a proper staking plan you should not expect much long term success. This holds true even for punters skilled enough to consistently find good value bets. Investobet recommends using the Kelly criterion for risk management purposes. However as the punishment for betting larger than optimal amounts is harsher than betting smaller than optimal amounts, and as it is rather common that people overestimates the value in the bets they place, we recommend to bet only half the amount recommended by the Kelly Criterion. The Kelly calculator in our tools section is a very convenient way to calculate the stake you should wager, if you decide to let your staking plan be governed by the Kelly criterion.

Competition Section

Our state of the art competition section gives you the opportunity to pick up real money prizes without having to risk any money yourself. We have chosen Pinnacle as our competitions partner. The main reason for this is that as Pinnacle unlike most other bookmakers welcomes even winning punters. As this is the case we feel that quality betting tips with Pinnacle will be of greater value to our community than tips with operators who consistently make it impossible for winning punters to get their stakes down.

According to the theory of the “Pinnacle lean”, Pinnacle`s business model of welcoming winning punters should make their odds and lines sharper than most other bookmakers. Using real time odds and betting limits from Pinnacle combined with a turnover requirement, we think we have created the most realistic environment for any online tipping competition to date. We trust that you will be able to find many quality tipsters to follow in our competition section.

Blog Section

In our blog section various members of the Investobet team will share betting tips and analysis of upcoming sports events, betting related articles, book reviews and other content we deem to be of interest and value to our community.

The betting related articles will eventually be moved to our betting academy and/or betting resources section.