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Kevin De Bruyne frustrated by Lionel Messi pursuit

When the best player in the world comes on the market, not many teams would ignore the calls to go and make the signing happen. Lionel Messi is set to become a free agent in the summer, and there is no shortage of teams queuing up to try and woo the best player of all-time to wear their shirt. However, one club that is expected to be at the forefront of the move, Manchester City, could find themselves in an awkward position. Might their approach for Messi actually manage to frustrate some of their most coveted stars already in Manchester?

Since arriving from Wolfsburg, Kevin De Bruyne has made a fair shout of putting himself up there as arguably the best ever Man City player. He’s become a legend of the club, a consistent trophy winner and one of the most exciting creative presences to play in the modern game. However, reports around the club suggest that De Bruyne is growing increasingly annoyed at the pursuit of Messi. So much so that it might actually make it hard, if not impossible, for City to convince him to stick around and sign a new deal.

Recently, the Belgian maestro knocked back a new deal with City as he felt the offer was simply not good enough. With the club believed to be pleading the case that they lack the funds to do as he asks, can they really justify saying that by making a headline move for Messi? It would be a hard sell for any team.

As such, there is talk that De Bruyne will look to move on from City in the summer.

Why would De Bruyne want to leave Man City?

Put simply, the players feel as if he is not valued by his employers as much as he could be elsewhere. Having won everything domestically with City yet failing to make meaningful progress in Europe, many believe this will be his final season in England – at least with City.

Despite trying to find the eye-watering funds to bring in a legend who might be passed his peak, De Bruyne is believed to be annoyed by the ease with which the club could fund Messi but the contrasting difficulty in finding him. Reports suggest, then, that he has grown tired of being undervalued and will instead look for a move in the summer to help him find valuation on the pitch once again.

Feeling undervalued is one of the easiest ways to make a player have eyes for the exit. City have actually offered De Bruyne a new deal that offers him less than he makes just now when the player expected a pay rise.

Messi arriving would be a massive moment, but it might actually cost City one of their most effective players to make the deal happen. Will City look to cave to his demands financially in a bid to avoid losing another top-quality talent?

Some believe they will, but most reports point to a hardening of the relationship between club and player. When that happens, there is usually only one solution – an exit.

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