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Investobet’s Betting Academy

It’s here. You asked for it and now finally it’s here: we are glad to announce launch of Investobet’s own Sport Betting Academy.


My guess hearing “Academy” would make a lot of people sick in the stomach, remembering those hard-grinding all-nighters back in the day. However, we, here at Investo, honestly believe that browsing through the material that was handpicked to deliver the most relevant and essential information can be a real game-changer for many punters that want to sharpen their game.


Being not new to the game , I felt really great dusting off some of the notions and concepts, while reading some of the materials that my colleagues have prepared for you and actually got some interesting ideas and angles to the routines I have been doing in my betting life.

The good news is that new articles will be added constantly, so I urge you to check them out in the Academy section of our website and drop us a line at  if you liked what you read or want some specific topics to be covered.

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