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Sunderland facing multiple takeover rumours

As one of the most well-supported clubs in the North East of England, Sunderland aren’t short of media interest. A club that can generate the kind of crowds that they do is a truly sensational thing. Add in the fact that Sunderland is a club that has truly hit the doldrums, in League One and with little chance of escaping it this season, and they are a club that brings many headlines. For Black Cats fans, then, it can all get a bit much. For now, though, the media actually must feel quite good to read. Why?

Because the club are being linked with several takeover options. Ever since the club was relegated from the Premier League under David Moyes, it has been a sharp descent down to League One mediocrity. Reading Sunderland blog and other local media gives you a clear idea of where the club is at today. However, there is a clear ray of light in the hope that a takeover is going to take place in the near future.

The two most commonly linked names to a takeover include Kyril Louis-Dreyfus and William Storey. Both men seem to arrive at the table with a desire to get the job done, and rather interesting histories both financially and in the football world. For fans of the club, though, the multiple takeover rumours must hark back to the days when Stewart Donald first took over the club.

Donald has been active and vocal about trying to sell the club for the last twelve months. Given the pandemic that has hit the world, though, it was always unlikely that a sale would be easy for the club to put through.

Now, though, it looks like things might be changing and a takeover could happen after all.

Another old face returning?

As a club with a love of old legends and returning faces, Sunderland fans should be known for holding onto shirts of older players. After all, it isn’t often long before someone who was bitten by the Black Cat bug wants to come back up to Wearside.

One such name who is being linked with a return to the team is Greg Halford. The utility man played with the North East giants for a two-year period, only making eight appearances across the two seasons before being sent out on loan to Charlton Athletic, Sheffield United and then sold to Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Now 35 and without a club since 2019, though, Halford has made it clear that he would be happy to play for nothing. Having last played for Aberdeen up in Scotland, it is likely that he will be looking for a return to England having last played for Birmingham City and Cardiff City.

While he might not be fondly recalled by many Sunderland fans, the fact that he would be a free, experienced body might mean that it’s a signing that could take place. In a season where the stakes are so high, anyone who can even mildly contribute would likely be welcomed with open arms. Could Halford give the Black Cats that good luck bounce they need to get things on track?

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