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Prospective new Chelsea owners warns club is ‘bleeding’ money

With the drama going on around Chelsea at the moment, it should come as no surprise that fans are concerned. Every day, a new rumour appears of a bidder putting an offer in for the club. Though the deadline has now passed and preferred bidders are set to be announced by the end of the week on current schedule, it sounds like one prospective owner could make a move to stabilise the club upon arrival.

Indeed, with reports that a British-led business consortium, with assets worth as much as £40bn, things could soon change for the club. However, while that sum of money sounds wonderful, the wording from the group makes it unlikely that a Roman Abramovich-style spending spree would take place. Indeed, reports have suggested that the consortium is worried that the Blues are ‘bleeding’ money – and would put in major changes to the clubs running style to stop that.

Sadly for fans, this might mean the end of major signings like Romelu Lukaku and Kai Havertz. Though, given the form of the former, that might not be such a bad thing.

Nizar Al-Bassam, who is a Chelsea season book holder, is the co-founder of Centricus. As one of the most influential bidders in the process, Al-Bassam would have the means to comfortably run and manage Chelsea. However, manage is the key term here. This would not be a power vehicle, it would be an asset that would be run in a more managed way.

This would mean that the club would be looking to turn profits as opposed to win trophies whilst making a loss. This could mean some massive changes to the way that Chelsea is run. Could it mean more chances for player development via the academy?

The future for Chelsea will never be the same

Should Al-Bassam get what he wants, then, it sounds like Chelsea will become a different proposition overnight. The club will stop being run with the intention of purely winning trophies and bringing glory to the club. Instead, a more developmental focus will come into play. Though these words might sound scary, it sounds like the club has an idea of being run more akin to the way Arsenal run things as opposed to the old way of doing things at Chelsea.

That will concern a generation of fans who have grown up watching the stars of today in blue. Instead, they might need to get used to the stars of tomorrow. All reports suggest that the club would no longer be in the running for major marquee hits, and would instead use their massive loan program and youth academy to furnish the squad.

Given the likes of Mason Mount and Reece James hailed from this academy, though, that could be no bad thing. Though it might be hard to watch the big name signings go to rivals, it would be interesting to see how a more developmentally and profit-focused Chelsea could compete in the Premier League.

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