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Online Sports Tipsters: Finding Quality Free Tips Online Like Panning for Gold

There’s a myriad of pro and wannabe tipsters on the web. Many of them reckon they know a thing or two about sports and believe they have that all-important edge. The sad reality though is that the vast majority of the services selling betting tips online are nothing but frauds.

It is therefore important that, before you venture into this murky world of tipsters know how to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Most people seem to think that being knowledgeable about a sport is enough to become a winning punter. The reality is that it takes a lot more than that. Being knowledgeable about modelling and how the betting market actually works is in most cases far more beneficial than having domain specific sports knowledge.

This becomes very visible if you stop to consider which of the pundits and talking heads on TV actually seem to be capable of making a profit on their predictions. Personally I can hardly think of even one pundit, who based on the predictions he is making on TV, seems able to act as a profitable tipster.

People often wonder why someone who has a winning formula would choose to give away their “golden goose”. The fact is that there are some genuinely good tipsters on the web who, because of the bookmakers risk management, find it difficult to get a decent sized bet on. For such tipsters selling their services can make good sense as it adds another revenue stream and also reduces their own risk.

 There’s no shortage of online betting tipsters, from the Twitter loudmouths through to private member email only services, but finding tipsters who have the knowledge and savvy to actually produce long term profits for their followers is exceptionally hard. It is

We cannot offer any guarantees, however, there are some services available which we can easily recommend.

As an example, there are lots of regular quality betting advice at from a team of experts specialising in certain sports and best of all there is no subscription required.

GodsofOdds have some of the best educational betting articles I have ever read. I recommend that you check out their tips section. They measure the performance of all their tipsters against Pinnacle closing odds and calculate both the actual yield of the tipsters, but also the closing line value

We have been very impressed by the football predictions of

In addition to the above sites we obviously also recommend that you follow the tipsters on If you have other sites you can vouch for the quality of, we would appreciate it if you would drop us a line.

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