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Oliver Skipp expected to depart Spurs this summer

For Spurs fans, the dream was always to see a young, UK-built team surrounded with academy talent. Like any club not regularly in the hunt for winning titles, this was always the hope; to build a young team that was worth watching. The Mauricio Pochettino era showed fans what a good coach backed with young and ambitious talent can do. However, one player who was expected to play a major role in this academy-led rebuild looks set to leave already.

Despite being labelled as a future Spurs coach by former manager Jose Mourinho, Oliver Skipp looks certain to depart Spurs. The 20-year-old was supposed to return this summer and take on a leading role in the training side of the first-team, opening up the opportunity for integration into the matchday squad. However, an injury to his foot – a fractured metatarsal – means that he will likely miss most, or all, of pre-season. As such, Spurs are keen to ensure that stagnation does not follow recovery, and could see Skipp shipped out on loan as soon as a new coach is appointed.

While some reports suggest that Nuno Espirito Santo will arrive, fans have heard the same proclamations about every major knockback. Skipp, though, is not expected to stay at Spurs regardless of who the manager is. The severity of his injury allied to the need to recover during a period of adjustment for a new coach means that an exit is almost inevitable for a player who really needs to play.

At 20, Skipp needs regular and consistent game time in a team that can support him and give him the chance to thrive. As such, Skipp could find himself back on the loan list – or even leaving permanently – in the summer window.

Could Oliver Skipp return to Norwich City?

Skipp was, of course, on loan at Norwich City previously. He was a key performer for the Canaries, and played a role in their promotion. Some reports suggest that Daniel Farke is keen to land the player back for a second spell in green and yellow. He would be given the chance to resume a starting role in the team, and would offer the player a chance to step up to Premier League level without permanently leaving the club.

Spurs have been keen to keep players like Skipp in the team and to give them the chance to develop and improve over time. However, with the severity of his injury and the need for recovery, Skipp might be better set to return to a team where his reputation is already set and the manager already has a clear idea of what he is capable of doing.

Either way, it is highly unlikely that Skipp will play any major role for Spurs in the next year to come.

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