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Jurgen Klopp cool on Mohamed Salah contract

When players go away on international duty, or speak to foreign press, it can cause problems for both player and club. Just ask Chelsea, who have gone through a needlessly high-profile row with star strike Romelu Lukaku over an interview carried out about his Internazionale history. However, for some clubs, these interviews are to be expected.

For Liverpool, the Reds have grown used to seeing comments from across the world emerge when it comes to their African contingent. The likes of Sadio Mane and Mo Salah are heroes in Senegal and Egypt. So, it is common for the local press to get a little more out of the domestic stars than the English press might get.

However, when quotes from Salah appeared suggesting that he wasn’t “asking for anything crazy” in contract talks, some Reds fans feared another Lukaku situation. However, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was quick to shoot down any potential drama that could have come from the interview.

Having seen how much needless time was wasted at Chelsea on the Lukaku affair, the Liverpool manager was quick to pour cold water on any potential issues arising from this interview conducted whilst Salah is playing for Egypt at the African Cup of Nations.

What did Jurgen Klopp say about Mo Salah’s new contract?

The discussions over a new deal have gone on for some time, and some fans are beginning to wonder if the deal will happen. The insistence from Salah and his team that it is in the hands of Liverpool always adds a slight fear that one side is more motivated than the other. Klopp, though, gave a positive update when asked on the subject at his press conference ahead of playing Arsenal in the League Cup.

When quizzed on the Salah comments, Klopp said: First of all, nowadays I think it’s really dangerous to talk about interviews when you didn’t speak to the player yourself.

"There was nothing in it that would be unexpected. We know, I know, that Mo wants to stay. We want him to stay. That’s the point where we are. These things take time, I can’t change that, sorry! I think it is all in a good place. Nothing else to say."

"There are, I think, enough reasons for being pretty positive," he continued. "As long as it’s not done, we cannot say anything about it. ‘Good conversations’, that’s what I could say."

Klopp also noted his contract extensions are not as easy as they might seem to those on the outside, saying: “Things take time. There are so many things you have to do, and, by the way, there is a third party. The agent is there as well, but there’s nothing to worry about, it’s a normal process.

"Mo has a contact here this season and next season. Nobody has to worry, it’s just the situation. All fine, not done, but we had talks. He’s a world-class player, unbelievable player, did a lot of great stuff for Liverpool. Of course we want to keep him, and let’s see how it will work out."

For Liverpool fans, then, this is a case of a potential Lukaku situation being quickly and expertly diffused by a manager who has been around the block on such matters more than a few times.

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